It happens often; carpet that’s supposed to be stain-resistant for a lifetime becomes permanently stained after a simple juice spill.

Stains are a common problem with carpet, so it’s only natural that stain-resistance is a popular talking point – even if it isn’t true. However, that’s not to say that such claims are always a lie. In this post, we’ll briefly discuss a few of our top carpet floors that are truly stain resistant.

R2X Anso Nylon Carpet

Anso nylon carpet with dark, trendy patterns

Nylon fibers are naturally stain resistant. Anso nylon is an enhanced version of nylon built with the R2X carpet treatment. R2X is designed to completely surround fibers, rather than just cover the surface. Stains are repelled before soaking into the fibers, allowing them to be cleaned with ease.


Stainmaster carpet with minimalist patterns in a modern living room

Stainmaster is the original pet-friendly carpet. It’s also constructed of nylon fibers. It also prevents spills from soaking through the fibers and into the subfloors. Yet, despite this protection, Stainmaster carpet is also breathable, so it won’t trap moisture underneath.

Solutions Dyed

Patterned solutions dyed carpet in a living room

You may have noticed that repeated cleanings and heavy traffic can lead carpet to lose its color over time. In fact, we occasionally meet homeowners who are afraid to clean a stain because it may fade their carpet. Solution Dyed carpet is designed to prevent this. It doesn’t just cover the fabric with dye. It actually builds the color directly into the fiber. So there’s no risk of removing the dye or fading the carpet during cleaning. Of course, the car will also be easier to clean.

Microban Carpet

Microban carpet in a bedroom

Microban is a treatment built into carpet that also prevents stains. However, it goes a step further. Microban also helps prevent the growth of microbials, including bacterial, mold, and mildew. Of course, it’s still important to clean Microban carpet regularly, but they will remain fresher between cleanings. Since it helps prevent microbial growth, Mircroban also reduces odors.

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We discussed a few carpet options here, but there are so many more considerations when choosing the right carpet for your home. If you’re ready to make an informed choice, visit Griffin’s leading flooring experts at Cleveland Carpets today!