Many of us have heard the saying, “April showers bring May’s flowers.”  The past few months have brought a record amount of rain fall for the state of Georgia.  While the ground and plants thrive, excessive moisture can have damaging effects on your home.

Flooding and moisture can have a negative impact on a house by causing mold and decay. While we, as home owners, tend to remain vigilant about repairing leaks and correcting most water damage, we often forget to check the most vulnerable part of our home, which is the floor.

When we come running into our homes to escape the rain outside, we often do not think about the water dripping off of our shoes onto the floor, or the water blowing in through the open door.  The buildup of these little drops of moisture can often cause damage that remains undetectable until it is too late.  Fortunately, the flooring industry has developed many different types of water proof flooring.

Waterproof Carpet

Most people do not think of “waterproof” when they hear the word, “carpet.” For many years, carpet and pad were known for retaining moisture and causing mildew. This is no longer the case. For example, the R2X® technology found in many modern carpet selections is designed to prevent spills and moisture from soaking into the carpet’s fibers. To help protect the subfloor from damage and mold, LifeGuard® is a special backing that keeps fluids sitting above the carpet’s surface, preventing spills from soaking into the pad. Come in and ask one of our sales representatives about our waterproof carpet options.

Luxury Vinyl Floors

Luxury vinyl tile and plank floors have become very popular among customers in the flooring industry. Not only does luxury vinyl come in many different styles, such as hardwood and tile looks, but it is also among the most durable, waterproof flooring options available. Head over to the “Find Your Floor” tab and look at some of our options.

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You can browse a variety of waterproof flooring selections in our Waterproof Flooring sections. You can also stop by our flooring showroom in Griffin, GA to browse the many styles available and to get professional advice from our flooring experts.