Traditionally, hardwood floors haven’t always been as durable as we expected. Solid planks are subject to damage from spills, humidity levels, temperature changes, and dents. Eminence is a new flooring line that’s helping to redefine authentic hardwood floors. Here’s a quick look at why.

Durable Construction

Unlike traditional sold hardwood floors, Eminence features a layered design. At the center of these layers is an SPC Core designed to resist dents and scratches. The result is a build so durable that it’s protected by a lifetime residential warranty.

The surface features a UV aluminum oxide finish. This helps protect each plank from scuffs and scratches, even from pets. It also protects the color from fading over time.

It’s Waterproof

Eminence features a completely waterproof design. Its layered construction prevents moisture from spills and humidity from soaking into the planks. The click installation creates a watertight barrier, preventing spills from reaching the subfloor. The surface repels both moisture and stains from spills.

Easy and Efficient Installation

Eminence uses the popular click installation method. Basically, this means that planks fit together like a puzzle. While it’s still important to take robust measurements, the click method lowers the time and difficulty of installation.

Unlike traditional hardwood floors, Eminence doesn’t need an acclimation period after installation. Typically, solid hardwood floors need time to adjust to environmental conditions (especially during colder months) for up to 24 hours. Eminence is ready to go as soon as it’s installed.

Sound Reduction

Considering an upstairs installation? Carpet is typically preferred for above-grade areas because it’s quieter to walk on. However, each plank includes a pad that helps reduce the noise of footsteps. Eminence is one of the quietest hardwood flooring options available.

Style Options

Eminence comes in a variety of colors and styles. Some feature classic hardwood visuals. Others build on the popular gray-scale look. And then there are the blonde planks that fit the growing trend towards lighter colors.

Learn More

You can learn more about the details of Eminence and its style options in our Waterproof Hardwood Destination. Or, you can get expert advice from Griffin’s top flooring professionals by giving us a call at 770-228-6110.